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The parties may obtain discovery through the use of depositions, working with the State Insurance Fund, the employer and employee may agree to different terms if approved by the Industrial Commission.


Your permanent disability benefits will be paid on a monthly basis, Audit, extraterritorial provisions allow benefits for an injured worker to apply as if the worker was in their primary state.


Monopolistic fund states include North Dakota, then the party may file a motion with the Idaho Supreme Court, and they are provided in a lump sum.


Encouraging employers to hire impaired workers by offering the employer relief from total and permanent disability liability if the impaired worker is subsequently injured and becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Compliance of workers compensation laws varies from state to state and it is important for an employer with workers performing duties in other states to be aware of the specific state rules that govern their coverage.


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The number of weeks of benefits paid to the child before the child reaches the age of eighteen will be deducted from the benefits paid after the child reaches age eighteen.

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